The Journal

Socio is a new journal from the publishing arm of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH). Its first edition will appear in early 2013.

As a journal for the social sciences, Socio values the classic disciplines – anthropology, sociology, etc. – while at the same time encouraging pluridisciplinarity. It welcomes all who work on the interfaces with other scientific disciplines, and those – e.g. physicians, jurists, and social workers – who through their professional activities contribute to the production of socially relevant knowledge. It supports internationalization in the human and social sciences, and the greatest possible interconnection of different levels of analysis, from the global to the local.

Socio will be published three times a year both online and on paper, with articles in French and English. Each new edition will feature a dossier devoted to a specific theme or question, along with a selection of articles on various subjects. In addition to encouraging originality, Socio will uphold scientific rigour, diversity in approach, and a spirit of debate and intellectual exchange.


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